Games Soft provides an online real money gaming platform for players from India to play cash games like RACE, with real money. Players win real cash by winning the multi-player games, which are PvP, meaning each player competing against one another. The player, who satisfies the winning scenario first, wins the real money game. Players can play on designated 2 player, 3 player 5 player right from ₹ 10 to even ₹1,000. Winning cash is credited to the player's account at the end of the game and can be withdrawn periodically. Players can practice games for free and play cash games once they get a master of the game. If you are familiar with playing other online games like Racing, it should not take a lot of time to master the games at Games Soft. Participating in games of skill competition for cash prizes is legal in all states of India except Assam and Orissa and Telangana.